Get all namespaces from rancher-cli

Is there a way to get a list of all namespaces on cluster like we get in the webgui?.
I can list anything as long as I specify the namespace, can I use an rest-api?

rancher.exe kubectl get namespace
Error from server (Forbidden): namespaces is forbidden: User "u-vk5xagyeva" cannot list resource "namespaces" in API group "" at the cluster scope
exit status 1

rancher.exe kubectl get pods --namespace=id-pro-hso-hso-scim-api-test12
NAME                                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
id-pro-hso-hso-scim-api-test12-846f7bf8bc-fbqbs   1/1     Running   2          13d
id-pro-hso-hso-scim-api-test12-846f7bf8bc-sp79b   1/1     Running   3          13d

I don’t use the Rancher CLI, but normal kubectl works fine to get a list of namespaces with kubectl get namespaces. Are you sure the user referenced has permission for the specific cluster you’re pointed at? You can see the user & server you’re pointed at in your ~/.kube/config normally.

Found it: rancher-cli namespaces ls --all-namespaces
I do not have any kubectl config, only a .rancher\cli2.json that points to the various clusters