Rancher v.1.6.x - how to find object by it's id?

Hello, I’m trying to provide users with list namespace permissions. I’ve created the project_template as such:

`resource "rancher2_role_template" "project-developer-read-only" {
  context = "project"
  name = "Project Developer (read-only)"

  rules {
    api_groups = [""]
    resources = [
    verbs = [

  role_template_ids = [

Yet there might be some kind of orphaned resource because when user tries to list namespace via
kubectl get ns
They are getting following error:
Error from server (Forbidden): namespaces is forbidden: User "u-vmt27up3ma" cannot list resource "namespaces" in API group "" at the cluster scope: RBAC: clusterrole.rbac.authorization.k8s.io "p-52rgj-namespaces-readonly" not found

My question is, what kind or resource is this (prefixed with p-) and how can I find it in API and delete or detach it from users?