Get the "Last Modified" date of a Software Channel in CLI


For the purpose of reporting I need a way to get the date of when a software repository was last synced.

In the Gui it is shown as “Last Modified”

Can’t find a way to get this information with spacecmd or spacewalk-report commands.

Does anyone have a solution ?



The log files for the syncing reside in /var/log/rhn/reposync you can
just check the log date, else you would need to grep each repo file for
the last sync date/time etc.


ls -la sles12-pool-x86_64.log
-rw-rw---- 1 wwwrun www 373830 Nov 19 02:33 sles12-pool-x86_64.log

tail -n 15 sles12-pool-x86_64.log |grep "Sync started:"
Sync started: Thu Nov 19 02:32:21 2015

perl -e 'print reverse <>' < sles12-pool-x86_64.log |grep "Sync started:"|sed -n 1p
Sync started: Thu Nov 19 02:32:21 2015

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Hi Adam,

Thanks, your solution works for me.
I ended up using the most recent timestamp of files in two locations for each repo.
/var/log/rhn/reposync and /var/cache/rhn/repodata/reponame.

I was too focused on finding out the repo sync time by using SuseManager related tools , so I did not look into good old Linux tooling :slight_smile: