Getting issue while installing SLES 11 SP3

Hi All,

I am getting below error while doing partitoning

cannot determine the exact order of disks for device map, change the order of the disk in boot loader installation details…

even if i select by default option, i am getting the same error…

I am installing on cisco ucsb-ex-m4-1(A)

Please help…


I don’t have too much experience and this error message is new to me, but there was a similar question in the forum. Have you seen that? Would this solve your problem? The solution in that case was

[QUOTE]Solution: The server had PCI scanning disabled in the BIOS, so the RAID controller didn’t appear and couldn’t be configured.

I looked for PCIPnP and then ‘Scanning OPROM on PCI-E slotN’ - and just enabled all the slots.

The LSI controller prompt appeared on a reboot and I was able to configure a RAID and the installation went smoothly. [/QUOTE]