Getting RancherOS to boot in QEMU?

Hi All, On another quick question. I have recently found that I cannot seem to get RancherOS to boot on the latest QEMU (Ubuntu 16.04) which is something that I was hoping to do for a particular investigation that I am doing. It does come up in VirtualBox, but for this particular project, I really need QEMU if possible. Any ideas?

We use qemu during development, and to run the integration tests - see

And I wrote a qemu driver for docker-machine a while ago -

It would be interesting to know what problem you’re having - perhaps its just some documentation we’re missing.


Thanks for responding to my QEMU post.

I was playing around with the Rancher ISO and my Ubuntu 16.04 machine and found out that if I install QEMU-KVM then I am able to boot the iso which is what I was expecting, but for my particular exploration I was testing the Rancher ISO on just plain Qemu with no KVM for Ubuntu as well as plain x86_64 based Qemu for windows and it seem to crash.

If possible, I would like to be able to boot rancher on plain windows and linux Qemu without kvm as I am testing a POC project in this area.

I will try to get some logs on the crash and let you know, but you may have already seen this result as well.