Any plans to support KVM on VM install?

Well, KVM works quite nicely in my workstation which makes me want to use it with rancher for development. Any chances it will be supported, with docker-machine?

I had “docker-machine-driver-kvm” installed in an attempt to do just that but the command (similar to what was suggested for virtualbox in docs) failed with the error below:

(rancher01) Failed to decode dnsmasq lease status: unexpected end of JSON input

(this was the command)
docker-machine create -d “kvm” --kvm-disk-size 30000 --kvm-boot2docker-url ~/Isos/rancheros.iso rancher01

I think the “kvm” machine driver needs libvirt and things installed

instead, I wrote -
which should work.

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I had a few issues along the way but ended up using
Worked quite well with virt-manager. Thanks for the reply, Sven.