GPU Support - CaaS Platform 3


I would be interested whether there is a way how to enable nVidia GPU support. The original CaaS repository is very minimalistic, so that even nVidia GPU driver is not possible to install due to missing compiler dependencies.

Add SLES repository ? Add regular SLES host into CaaS ? Any other way to go ?



SUSE CaaS Platform 3 brings the Toolchain module that allows compilation of the kernel modules like the Nvidia kernel driver.

You need to do the following:
[]Register the module with “transactional-update reboot register -p caasp-toolchain/3.0/x86_64”. You need to reboot the system to use the module.
]Install packages with transactional-updates
[*]Reboot again to use those packages.

Btw. to remove the module, you use “transactional-update [reboot] register -d -p caasp-toolchain/3.0/x86_64”.