HA Cluster Setup Query

Dear Team,

We are in a situation of setup a HA for PROD environment with Quorum concepts. So kindly request here to share some sort of documentations or solutions which already applied in prod env… using either RKE1 or RKE2 binary along with Kubernate v1.26.x, Docker or Container combination…

If option is going to be RKE1, then please suggest us which version of RKE1 binary can be used that it should create 2 Controllers, 3 ETCD as master nodes and 1 LB with 5-6 Worker nodes is the expectation. Also just wanted to highlight that this environment need to be used / setup in VMWare On Prem environment not on cloud.

If it is RKE2 then I believe it is going to be hard way setup. if that is the case if any document available kindly share with us.

Please suggest us which setup ideally suitable for CRITICAL PROD setup so that those can be impletemented. We too checked the above setup in the internet but end up with no luck.

Appreciate if someone can share your suggestion / solution for the above approach will really help to achieve this critical HA.

Thanks in advance.

Balachander S

Can someone help on the above?

So can we consider there is no such options available in Rancher?

Can someone help on the above?


I would recommend reviewing the Rancher documentation at Checklist for Production-Ready Clusters | Rancher

As far as a design, the answer is going to be it depends on your needs. But here are some standard designs for RKE1 and 2 clusters. Rancher-Deep-Dive/ch04/standard_designs at main · PacktPublishing/Rancher-Deep-Dive · GitHub

Note: I cover these in my book Rancher Deep Dive: Manage enterprise Kubernetes seamlessly with Rancher https://a.co/d/0pjMRlJ

As far as choosing between RKE1 and 2. RKE2 is recommended because RKE1 is based on Docker while RKE2, based on containerd, is a much nicer product.

Also, it is recommended that you deploy Rancher as its own cluster and then deploy a downstream cluster(s) to host your applications.

Thanks much for you reply. Hope this will be resolve the actual purpose the target.