Best practice cluster setup

I want to setup RKE in a test environment.
Therefore I have installed Docker 18.06 CE on 6 virtual hosts (KVM).
On VM1 I deployed rancher/rancher:stable successfully, means I can access Rancher WebUI and continue setup.

The assistent for building a cluster is straight forward, however here’s my first question:
Can I deploy a Cluster Node with node role

  • etcd
  • Control Plane
  • Worker

on the same VM1 (where rancher/rancher:stable was initially deployed)?
Or must I choose another VM2 to deploy the roles etcd, Control Plane, Worker?


Hey c.monty,

there is no technical requirement to single deploy rancher on an “exclusive” VM, there are even guides in the docs how to deploy rancher multiple times for load and HA reasons with an external loadbalancer on the same VMs as your workloads.
For my personal use, I run everything on one single node.