HAProxy IpAddress shows up in Rancher UI instead of host IpAddress


We have the following setup.

Rancher Master Server:

  1. Created the Rancher Master Server with HA behind a HAProxy LoadBalancer. version 1.5.3
    Only inbound 443 port is opened for inbound. Outbound is accessible for all.
    This is created in one AWS region say US-West

Rancher Hosts:

  1. VM is created in another AWS region say US-east.
  2. Opened All Traffic between VM’s Security Group.
  3. Outbound is opened for all

Agent Installation:

After installing the rancher agent on the host VM, the IPSec and healthcheck containers doesn’t come up. Noticed that the HAProxy Load Balancer IpAddress is showing up in UI instead of the actual Host VM IpAddress. In the IPSec container it is trying to access port 500/4500 for the Load Balancer IpAddress. This seems to be the reason why the IPSec container is not coming up properly.

Any thoughts why the LB IpAddress shows up in UI ?