Hardcode the stack name in catalog

Good day,
I created catalog with service, which using existing EBS volume.
So I would like to add some restriction to have single copy stack to make sure that anyone else can’t create one more stack (second service won’t write to EBS volume).
Probably, it’s could be stack name, i.e. one stack == one environment. Is it possible? Maybe anyone suggest another solutions.

you can make a stack-scoped volume so that all the services inside your stack can use that volume by name and other stacks can not access that volume.

Thnx for your reply.
AFAIK, In this case if stack will be removed then ebs volumes will too.
So my current workaround is use existing volume id in docker-compose and locate them in questions in rancher-compose. Probably, it’s might be a proof of accidental creation of stack.