Hardware requirement and configuration for SUSE 11 SP2 HA

According to SUSE 11 SP2 HA manual, the hardware requirement is at least two TCP/IP communication media. How to assign two TCP/IP communication media?

One TCP/IP communication media (eth0) is used for Production network (shared with Share IP) and another TCP/IP communication media (eth1) is used for heartbeat? Am I right?

Also, part of SUSE 11 SP2 cluster configuration need to configure conntrackd. It need a dedicated network interface that is not used for other communication channels.
Can I use same communication media (eth1) as heartbeat network or eth0 to configure conntrackd? If not, it mean that I need at least three communication medias to configure. Is it mandatory to configure conntrackd?

For the configuration of conntrack need to configure multicast address, can this address same as the multicast address configured in cluster communication channel? or must be different multicast address?


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