High Availability

i wish to install and configure cluster on sles 12.
in documentation https://www.suse.com/documentation/sle-ha-12/install-quick/data/install-quick.html#sec_ha_inst_quick_installation
Click the Patterns tab and activate the High Availability pattern in the pattern list.

I click patterns and i do not see High Availability.

What should i perform in order to see it?

Or how can i install from command line?


prior to that instruction it says:

Have you installed the extension on your server(s)? If not, this can be done via yast add-on.


i installed after your answer.for corosync traffic,the 2 nics is better to be configured under bonding?tnx


in the link to the docs you mentioned, under the section “Communication Channels” it says:

[QUOTE]At least two TCP/IP communication media per cluster node. The network equipment must support the communication means you want to use for cluster communication: multicast or unicast. The communication media should support a data rate of 100 Mbit/s or higher. For a supported cluster setup two or more redundant communication paths are required. This can be done via:

  • Network Device Bonding (to be preferred).
  • A second communication channel in Corosync.[/QUOTE]

So I guess you’re not forced to, but it’s recommended to bond the interfaces.