Harvester fails with kernel panic after seemingly successful install

I have been fighting with this for about 72 hours in-frequently, while working on other tasks.

I have two older boxes, one with a Xeon E3-1200 series, and the other with dual socket E5-2667v3 motherboard.

The E3 system will eventually boot coherently after multiple attempts to get it to start up on 1.2.1, however, as soon as I attempt to use anything like image uploads for vm deployment, the entire server kernel panics, and fails.

The E5-2600 series server will not even boot, and generates a kernel panic during the booting process, after entering into grup and showing what appear to be legitimate booting messages.

I am unable to remote into the systems and display the redirected ipmi due to them being the older ones with JNLP which is deprecated, and I haven’t wasted the time to find Java 1.7 to get those java webapp sessions to function.

Anyhow, I have attempted multiple times to reinstall and utilize the E5 system with no success.

E5 system is an old Intel 2600GZ chassis with OEM MB and 128GB DDR3 ECC memory - 1TB SAS3 (on SAS3 HBA but I believe that those backplanes are probably SAS2)
E3 system is a Supermicro x10slh-ln6tf motherboard with 32GB DDR3 ECC memory and using 1TB SATA III standard hard drive

Can anyone provide any insight here?

Any chance to post the kernel error message here when the panic happens?
It would be helpful to identify the cause and where it comes from.