Installing RancherOS v1.0.3 on VMWare 6.0

I’ve been attempting to run the installer on ESX, but keep getting a kernel panic before being able to actually load the console. Does anyone know what kind of VMWare machine settings are required?

As a side question, has anyone attempted to use the VMWare volume plugin on an OS other than Photon?

I use ESXi (6.5) quite a bit at the moment, and I don’t do anything special

  • the only reason I can think of that I get a kernel panic, is if I give
    the VM too little memory (I start with 2G, but test down to 1G RAM)

can you post a screenshot of the panic - and some details?

Huh, so apparently this is just the result of not allocating enough memory.

I tried again increasing the 512Mb I had allocated to 1Gb, and lo and behold, it succeeded without issue.


Common issue with most linuxes these days below 1Gb of ram their stability is at best erratic some wont even install anymore.

Very correct - until recently, if RancherOS failed to initialism something during boot (most often docker load the OS services images), RancherOS would continue on, not telling the user that there was a serious problem.

I changed that to make it crash, so we stop having bug reports of mysterious half working OS’s.

I don’t yet have a way to make it more obvious to the user what the cause is, but we’ll get there.