Has anyone ever made USB wireless adapter work on SLES12, any service pack?

Has anyone ever successfully configured SLES12 to communicate over a wireless network using any USB wireless adapter? PCI-e adapter? I’m looking for details - specifically what adapter, what driver, how was it configured in YaST2? I would like to add wireless connectivity to a server using a USB adapter. Server is currently running SLES12 SP5. I see lots of…try this…try that…ath9k is promising…etc…but no success stories.

@“sdrake@csa.canon.com” Hi, I use a GL.iNET GL300N device, it’s a wireless device and hook up a ethernet cable to the system and a spare USB port for power. Works a treat and no need to worry about drivers…as long as have ethernet port available.

Hi, thanks for quick reply. That looks like a router. I already have a corporate wireless network that I want to connect to. I’m looking for either a PCI-e card or USB wifi adapter that I can configure in yast that will use dhcp to get an ip address from my corporate wireless network. The idea is to allow a samsung tablet on this same wifi network to connect to my server.

@“sdrake@csa.canon.com” Hi, so a point to point link, how far are you to the server? Setting up a USB wireless adapter as an AP would be a pain… just get a wifi router and plug in to ethernet and connect to that?

Turns out I have this same little yellow router. It really wants to establish an internet connection which I don’t care about. It does broadcast a ssid and I can connect to that with my tablet. But there is no connection to my SLES12 server - I can cable the server to the LAN port of the router and config eth2 for DHCP but it does not get an IP address from the router. Will try next week. Thanks for your help.

@“sdrake@csa.canon.com” Hi, yes, if you google there are some howto’s online :wink: I use them as repeaters to existing AP’s…