Has anyone had any luck with galera?

I’ve been playing with the galera cluster (experimental) in the catalog, but I can’t seem to have it start in a stable state. Has anyone played with it and gotten to be stable?

Same thing here, i have got the same identical trouble.

Anyone knows the reason why?

I’ve dug into it a bit… basically this is the error that’s actually causing the failure (all other errors are expected / benign):

[Warning] WSREP: 2.0 (galera_galera_1): State transfer to 1.0 (galera_galera_3) failed: -1 (Operation not permitted)

From what I can tell, it means that rsync cannot connect to the node for a full sync. As to why it can’t connect, your guess is as good as mine.

I see the cause for this, sorry…

In the rancher compose yaml file we have the replication setup using root… and a hard coded password of “password” :-\

I’ll make a change so that it uses the substituted value.