Has anyone Seen this: rshared/rprivate error on daemon root "/var/lib/docker"

When trying to bring up Beta 2.0, coming up with this error

[workerPlane] Failed to bring up Worker Plane: Failed to create [kubelet] container on host [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]: Error response from daemon: invalid mount config: must use either propagation mode “rslave” or “rshared” when mount source is within the daemon root, daemon root: “/var/lib/docker”, bind mount source: “/var/lib/docker”, propagation: “rprivate”

Has anyone got a pointer on how to start tracking this down?


From https://rancher-users.slack.com/messages/C3ASABBD1/convo/C3ASABBD1-1523475411.000629/:slight_smile:

superseb [43 minutes ago]
This is being fixed in later versions, for now, use Docker 17.12.0 or before.