We have install rancher on ubuntu but now we are facing some error

We have install rancher on ubuntu,using this link and following method,
https://www.vultr.com/docs/install-rancher-on-ubuntu-16-04 .
It’s successfully installed. but

In manager Environments we have switch kubernetes.
after that we have facing this error,

kubelet (Container should have been running but is in error state. Check logs for more information.: Error response from daemon: invalid mount config: must use either propagation mode “rslave” or “rshared” when mount source is within the daemon root, daemon root: “/var/lib/docker”, bind mount source: “/var/lib/docker”, propagation: “rprivate”).

we don’t no how to fix it. Please help me fix it.

Please share the output of:

  • cat /etc/os-release
  • uname -r
  • docker info
  • docker version

Thank for the reply …

I have fix the issue…

Sharing your solution is always appreciated in a forum.