Health checks with SSL?


We’re trying to use a healthcheck on a vault container… that needs to be accessed with SSL though. I’m having trouble finding healthchecks in the docs and even the UI.

Is it possible to use SSL for the healthcheck? Where can I read up on healthchecks?

@tobowers here is the readup: In the UI, you can configure healtcheck for the service under createService->Advanced options

Currently rancher supports http and tcp based healtchecks.

So I think the answer is currently “no” for SSL healthchecks, as there is not currently a way to get check check-ssl into the haproxy config. You can do a TCP check to see that there is somebody listening on the SSL port today by setting the port to (probably) 443 and leaving the HTTP check path blank. (this is a terrible interface and I’ll be switching it to explicit TCP vs HTTP/S radio buttons soon…)