Rancher HealthCheck failing my app containers

Hi ,
I am trying to apply health check to my app container with TCP port. But, as soon as I apply heath check container fails to start. I tried with 2-3 other applications, but results are same.
I would also I like to know difference between TCP and HTTP health check.

My Docker compose:

  • 8050:80/tcp
  • 3478:3478/tcp
    tty: true
    image: amolsh/php-app
    stdin_open: true

My Rancher compose
scale: 3
port: 3478
interval: 2000
unhealthy_threshold: 3
request_line: ''
healthy_threshold: 2
response_timeout: 2000

TCP health check is just making sure the port is reachable on the container.

HTTP health check is making sure the port AND URL (i.e. request_line is reachable for the container.

Does your internal application try to resolve DNS on the container start? It might be related to: