Helm and tiller


I am testing Rancher 2.x HA on 3 nodes setup and I got curious for something. On one of the steps we install helm and tiller. As far as i understand we do this on one of the nodes, but do we need and is it possible to have helm and repo stuff installed on all nodes?

Question is mostly related to the fact that if the node where helm is installed goes down, then we cannot use helm on the other servers because we don’t have it installed and set there. How do you deal with similar situation?

Thanks and regards,
Ali Nebi

Hi Ali,

Helm is just the client, so you wouldn’t install it to the cluster. Tiller is the agent installed to the cluster when you call ‘helm init’.

If a node goes down, kubernetes should recreate the tiller pod on another node, especially on HA.

Hi Marc,

I see. Thank you very much for the detailed information :slight_smile: