Rancher instalation using k3s

Hi Team,

I’m trying to install in Rancher in High avaliability

I would like to clarify one point.
If i want to have the rancher management server using load balancing for two servers i need to run the helm commands on both servers and then configure nginx to load balancing between both?

If i want to upgrade the rancher version i will to do on both servers or the clusters will handle the replication?

Hey there,

You should only need to run the Helm command on one of the servers. K3s should ensure that adequate containers are running on both hosts(nodes).

Likewise, for upgrades, Helm should handle this for you as well, and should only need to run on one of the hosts to upgrade the rancher pods for the entire cluster.

Don’t forget to disable the servicelb when setting up k3s if you’re planning on using a different load balancer to avoid conflicts.