Help cannot add RancherOS Rancher Agent to Rancher

I’m new to this stack and trying to figure out how to add a host

My Rancher is reachable at 192.x.x.x:8080

Asks me to add a host

I generate docker command and execute in Rancher OS

sudo docker run -e
-d --privileged -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v
/var/lib/rancher:/var/lib/rancher rancher/agent:v1.0.2

Rancher agents container starts but its doesn’t get added to Rancher

Any ideas?

Have you checked the agent logs?

Can you do a docker ps -a on your host?

Looks the the rancher agent is getting killed after some time. Maybe a time-out because ti cant reach the Rancher host?

Maybe there is a routing issue trying to hit a Rancher server on the same host?

Can you do a docker logs on the hopefully_colden?

Typically, after ou run the command, there should be 3 agent containers left on your host. A docker named one, a rancher-agent-state container and a running rancher-agent one. It doesn’t look like it ever got started for the process of creating containers.

I was able to get everything to work on centOS at first

Then the Networking service crashed when deploying a container

Then a weird version of Rancher agent installed v.0.8.33

logs are very long. I’m not sure what to look for.