Help to create cluster active/passive


I want to create cluster active/passive.
please guide me through.


Israel Vinitzer

cluster of what application/service etc?

Thank you for your reply.
We need it to for application.


Any Update?

Can you provide more details on what you’re looking in your setup? It’s hard to help you without more details of what is in your application/service.

Also, what do you mean by active/passive?

Hi Denise,

I have two containers with application that my company created.

active/passive - this for if one container is down the other need to take his place.

hope it’s answer your questions.


Does it have to be two different services or just another container that is the same set of details? Have you looked into our health check policy? If a container is down on a host, then it can deem that container no longer available and start up another container.