State of Rancher cluster functionality?


I’m looking into starting using Rancher in a production environment. But for that I’m gonna need cluster functionality so containers can migrate between Rancher hosts when needed. What is the current status of Rancher’s cluster functionality, is it stable enough for production?

Also, tried to get through my head the procedure to setup a cluster. Maybe it’s just me but is there any good guide for setting it up, tried the documentation but didn’t really made me any wiser. From what I understand I need to have MySQL, ZooKeeper, Etcd etc. Seems like a lot of things.

On a side not it would have been nice with some CoreOS Fleet support, really simple to setup a cluster there. But I really like the features that comes with Rancher so settings up a working cluster with it would be prefered.

Best regards

We are currently looking into simplifying the HA setup for Rancher. This will be available by the time we GA, which is targetted for end of March.