Help with healthchecks (2 nodes)

Hi all,

I am running two nodes, the rancher-server node and my application node in digital ocean.

The port that is being monitored is exposed publicly, on the main host IP. So telnetting from the internet to the DO host and the port, you receive a banner (as expected).

However, the rancher-server still see’s this as down (forever stuck in “Initializing”).

Anyone have a similar setup? I see that it is recommended to run 4 nodes, however that isn’t possible due to this being a personal project and budgets are limited.

How can I see what server is monitoring what? Could the rancher-server be trying to monitor the DO server via it’s local IP instead of its public IP?

Fixed – if anyone stumbles on this later, you didn’t specify the host IP when installing the agent on the server box. You need to fill out the host IP text field before copy/pasting the docker line to install the cattle agent.


Health checks are done over the overlay network, which is setup using the host IPs… So yes, wrong IPs == no overlay communication == health checks fail == services don’t leave initializing state.