Debugging containers in "Initialzing" state w/health checks

Hello Everyone,

I have an environment where services are NOT receiving health checks, I run a simple nginx:latest containter add a health check on port 80 and even though the services work, it is forever stuck in “Initializing”. I’ve read the documentation and understand that agents on other hosts in the environment will do the Health checks. Problem is in the log I don’t see any health checks being done.

I am aware that this might be a networking problem and I’ve flushed my firewall and restarted the docker-engine to be on the safe side, but still I get the failing tests.

How can I troubleshoot this? could some test be doing from the shell inside a container? or something else to check?

I’ve read but gotten nowhere.

Any help is appreciated.


Rancher v1.1.0
Cattle v0.165.4
User Interface v1.1.12
Rancher Compose v0.8.5
Debian Jessie on Bare Metal.

Do you have multiple hosts? If so, the first thing is to check cross host networking. You can check this by exec-ing into a network agent on one container and pinging the IP (10.42.x.x) of another network agent on another host.

Thank you very much @denise, I had not read that part of the docs, very useful.

In my case our hardware servers are configured to use a “bonding” network interface, and I had not explicitly set the CATTLE_AGENT_IP when adding the host to the environment.

Great stuff! Thanks again.