High Availability & System Workloads scale = 1

Hi all!

I’ve deployed a Rancher2 HA cluster with 5 nodes (the setup has been done via RKE) and each nodes has all the kubernetes roles.

However, while stressing availability (by shutting down nodes) i’ve noticed that with 2 (out of 5) nodes down the cluster was not reachable anymore.
While watching the “system” pods I’ve noticed this:

Where some workloads have scale = 1… is this correct? I was expecting to have scale > 1 for all workloads in order to satisfy Fully HA of the cluster.

can i manually increase the scale of the workloads to a value >=3 ?

Thanks in advance

hi, have you make this point clear? i just meet the same problem, could you give me some tips, 3x.