Host disconnected after extending docker partition


I have my docker partition(/var/lib/docker) got full and we had to extend the disk with vmware. After extending the partition, host in rancher shown as “disconnected”

  1. Is it default behavior?
  2. Can we re add the host without affecting the current containers in the host?


If it’s disconnected the agent isn’t running, perhaps because the disk is still full. After realizing a disk you need to resize the partition AND the filesystem…

Agent was still running and disk was not full too. I rebooted the server too. I assume once the server(host) is back, rancher master should automatically start the necessary agents in the host if there is a connectivity,that also didnt happen. Thought there is a restriction of what we can do in host after added a server as host in rancher. Is there any restrictions are u aware of?(like upgrading rancher, resizing disk, adding additional disk, memory, IPs, hostname etc). And what if it shows host disconnected and rancher will no longer able to contact the host? Any remedies to make it active again without removing the existing stack deployed using catalogs?

The “identity” of the host is a uuid written to disk and had nothing to do with memory, histamine, or anything else you said. The agent on the host opens a connection to the server, not there other way around.