Host labels are yellow and does not recognized by scheduler


Can anyone please explain to me why one host I added to rancher recently has all labels in yellow color and I cannot deploy a service with these labels constrain?

One thing I can think about is it might due to my host does not have UDP port 500 and 4500 opened, but I’m not sure if this is the cause.

You added a “Require Container Label” (which makes the host only run containers that have that label) instead of a “Label”.

Thanks for quick response!
Oh I didn’t realize that I added a “Require Container Label” instead of a “Label”.

I have another question, my host is located inside a LAN and the UDP ports 500 and 4500 does not forward to the host.

  1. How is Rancher Networking still working?
  2. If many hosts in the same LAN with the same public IP, will it work if I add those host to Rancher? Is there any conflict because they have the same public IP?
  1. It sounds like it isn’t…
  2. Each host needs a unique and mutually-reachable public IP. When a container on Host A needs to talk to one on Host B, an ipsec tunnel is established (on 500+4500/udp) between that pair of hosts using the public IP registered for the hosts. So if they can’t reach each other or they don’t all have unique IPs, that can’t work.