Host memory info (TOP vs rancher GUI)

Hi there,

We have this “problem” in all our hosts, the memory displayed using TOP and Rancher GUI is not the same, for example:

Host with 10Gb ram:

  • using TOP we get 750mb free and the rest is used
  • using Rancher GUI we get only 4.34GB used

If we do a docker stats and sum all memory used it’s almost TOP says and not what Rancger GUI says.

Rancher Version: 1.4.2

Docker Version: 1.12.6

OS and where are the hosts located? (cloud, bare metal, etc): CoreOS 1298.6.0

What we’re missing here?

Carlos Silva

Memory in Linux is generally almost all always"used" because it doing nothing is a waste of energy. We subtract out “buffers” and “cache” because they are not part of the working memory of user processes and are freeable if needed.

Hi vincent,

Thanks for your answer.