Hostnames with multiple hosts in same environment

First of all I’m sorry because I saw several quite related questions but either I don’t think it was exactly my problem or maybe I simply didn’t understand the answers.

In the mean time I’m quite new with rancher and general devops stuff, so I thank you in advance for your patience.

The problem:
I’ve got 2 services, and
From route53, I’ve got my pointing to a specific server IP and pointing to another specific server IP.
Now the services work requesting the port 5000.

And I would like it to be in the same environment. But as Rancher is an awesome container orchestration (I really mean it) sometimes it will happen that both service and service-dev will be deployed on the same host.

From here, my problem begin. A load balancer is either deployed to one host or available on every host, right!
So I did something like:
requester: - 5000 -> service-container - 5000
requester: - 5000 -> service-dev-container - 5000

But if both service are deployed on the same host, which is linked to only one domain name, one of them won’t work.

My questions
So, I was wondering what are the best practices?
I read to setup an nginx on top of it but I’m not so sure to understand, is this nginx deployed on both hosts? Do I need to link the domain names to both hosts from route53?

At the moment I’m creating an environment for every host, but I don’t like it and if it continues this way I’ll end up with 100 environments even if some of them are related.