Housekeeping of DB backup directory

In /var/spacewalk/db-backup is a tar file - base.tar.gz - which I assume is the backup. There are many other files of the format example 000000020000004100000043. What are they as I have these files going back several years and they are taking up a lot of space?

hi julianrogan,

normaly (if you run yout backup daily) the files should be only 2 days old. So if you have older files, you can clean your backup directory and trigger a new backup again manualy.
A good link is here:

So clean you folder and run follow command again.

rm -rf /var/spacewalk/db-backup/*
smdba backup-hot --enable=on --backup-dir=/var/spacewalk/db-backup

It is a good Idea, to do that in an timeframe, when the SUMA is not used heavy.
After that, you can watch the folde for some days, but normaly you did not have to do any houskeeping…

regards Tino