SUSE Manager disk space management

Our SUSE Manager Server is taking a huge amount of storage. I have checked /var/spacewalk/packages directory and I can see two folders with packages: “1” and “NULL”. “NULL” is taking much more space than “1”. I can’t find any information about this in the documentation, is “NULL” storing old packages and can be deleted?
Could someone recommend some reference or guide (apart from the one in SUMA administration guide) for space management in SUSE Manager?
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AFAIK ‘NULL’ is all the main packages (so no, don’t delete), taking up space is normal since your syncing down the whole release. If you need to make space, via the Web UI under the Admin tab remove products that are no longer being used to clean up space. Else if using LVM, just add more space… From memory you need to allow ~50GB per product.

Hi Ander,

please also have a look at “orphan packages” - those are RPMs in /var/spacewalk that are not referenced in any channel. Go to “Software” - “Manage” - “Packages”, it’s per default searching for “Packages in no channels”

Removing those unreferenced RPMs may free up significant amounts of disk space, but IIRC, it doesn’t happen instantly after removing them via above menu path, but only after some internal clean-up (might take a day or two).