How many licenses of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server are required to run RMT server?

I have 100 servers with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating system in the organization. These servers are unlicensed. I want to create an RMT server to create a local repository in the organization so that the servers can download packages and updates from the RMT server. to receive
How many licenses do I need?
Is it enough if I get only one license for the RMT server or should I get a license for all 100 servers so that these servers can receive packages and updates from the RMT server?

You need to purchase enough subscriptions to cover all systems. How many subscriptions you need depends on whether those systems are physical systems or VMs.

I would suggest you get in touch with SUSE’s sales team (Contact Us or Find a Local Office | SUSE) so they can guide you appropriately.