How Rancher Url opens up without a DNS server entry?

After the Helm CLI Quick Start Install of Rancher. It tells this and it works too:

Now if you navigate to <IP_OF_LINUX_NODE> in a web browser, you should see the Rancher UI.

To make these instructions simple, we used a fake domain name and self-signed certificates to do this installation

I was wondering how did this even work without any DNS entry for ?


@gururaj0 Not sure what you mean, is it working or not?

dig txt +short 

The above should show the external ip address in use?

However, a simple entry in etc/hosts in you local machine should suffice for testing?


Thank you. This url is working on any machine and on any browser without a DNS record. That is my question.



@gururaj0 Ahh ok, perhaps this information will help explain

It’s very clever… it knows where you are based on the ip address you entered. I suspect it you run tcpdump or wireshark you will see what it’s doing as well.