How to access container files using rancher?

how to access container data files using rancher lb? like editing, uploading/downloading etc.,

ubuntu 16.04 > docker

  • docker container: (contains the following below)
    • lemp stack with ubuntu base 16.04
      with openssh-server installed
      with ubuntu-standard package installed

thank you

I was about to create a topic but my question is related : is there a way to download containers files from Rancher ? I’m mostly interested in logs…

Thank you.

@08ski11s I really don’t understand your question. You want to access files in the Rancher LB container? Or some other container? If it’s some other one and it’s running Nginx, then surely you serve the files through that? If you want to put a Rancher LB in front of that, it’s simple enough following a standard setup and pointing it at your LEMP container and port.

@DannyBiker Not directly no. The typical approach is to write logs to a volume mount and use something (Fluentd, splunk, whatever) to forward them to some central place. Alternatively, in a smaller scenarios, SCP them off the box, or run Greylog, Splunk, Logstash or whatever on the same host.

i dont know, i was guessing if it is possible or something, sorry to waste your time… thank you for replying… i am just new to this, no idea about using rancher accessing the containers…