How to access rancher GUI on k8s


I did a fresh RKE installation in my home lab to test rancher.
I finished the step:

helm install rancher rancher-latest/rancher
–namespace cattle-system
–set replicas=1
–set hostname=rancher.home.lab

Now I see "helm list -n " rancher is running under k8s.

But how do I access now the rancher webgui?
https://rancher.home.lab of course via DNS but what is the IP behind this FQDN after rke setup to access the GUI?

Just want to access the gui via my local notebook.

Still don’t get it!


Got it…

Just hit: kc -n cattle-system edit deploy rancher ‘[{“addresses”:[“”,“”],“port”:443,“protocol”:“HTTPS”,“serviceName”:“cattle-system:rancher”,“ingressName”:“cattle-system:rancher”,“hostname”:“rancher.home.lab”,“allNodes”:false}]’

So the external DNS for rancher.tatanka.local should target to ip or .113 to access the workload.