How to apply multiple labels for same key?

In production and staging environments I have sets of servers with labels like service=app and service=lb. It allows me to easily dedicated a host to be a load balancer that I can send DNS to. But in QA and Test environments I only have sometimes 1 server and would like both the application and load balancer to be scheduled on the machine.

I have previously been doing something like app=true and lb=true for scheduling. Is there a better way to accomplish this (such as service=app,lb)?

Are you able to actually have a host that has the same key on a host? We only allow saving 1 value for each key.

Besides that, it sounds like you also want this feature:

Ah, yes. I asked another similar question (maybe the same question…) and that came up. I guess I’m just circling back to an old issue I’m trying to solve again :frowning:. I’ll continue with my current true/false tag model in the meantime.