Scheduling based on comma separated value in key

I have two services which I am scheduling as service=one and service=two. Is there a way that I can schedule both services to one host (with something like a host label of service=one,two or is the only way to break the key up into something like one=true and two=true?

If you want both services to always be on the same host, then you can use a label to schedule based on service name.

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Something like


No, I wanted to choose based on labels of the host. This may be more complicated than it is worth. But I usually have one or two hosts in staging for a group of services and a group of hosts specific for that stack in production.

So in production I may have host1, host2, and host3 with label stack=supercow and host4, host5, and host6 with label stack=catcatmeow.

In staging I may only have two hosts and want to schedule both stacks on them. To do this the hosts would have label stack=supercow,catcatmeow.

Is there an easier way to accomplish this affinity without having a separate docker-compose.yml for both environments?