How to Completely move Single Installation Rancher2 to another server

Hi, I want to move my rancher server to somewhere else. my ISP told me they will move it and the IP will change. how can I move rancher-server without break everything there?

I have test it several times with installing rancher-server on different servers and try to move them, but have no luck.

Hi did you manage to figure it out ? I might have the same problem soon.

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nope, but I have delete my rancher installation ( not the cluster ), and install it again on other server. then copy pre server rancher files there. and run it! rancher recognized them, and everything is seems to be ok. but to be noted that first time I install the rancher I use a FQDN for it and not an IP, and when moving rancher I have update the dns and after its TTL i run the second rancher I think it is critical.

this is still single node setup. but i think if I install rancher in HA and follow the same progress as above i could do migrate it.