Guidance request: Setting rancher up on limited hardware (2 separate computers)

First time poster, I have used Rancher but never hosted/configured it myself.

There’s so much to read up on and get grips of when it comes to terminology and architecture choices, that I’m not sure what’s possible or not, so I need some guidance from people more knowledgeable.

My question(s) are:

  • Is it possible to set up a (1 computer) Rancher Server (that manages a cluster) on one appointed bare metal machine, and have that server manage another (1 computer) bare metal machine with nodes?
  • Can I use the “single node using docker” guide to start things out, and make a setup like the one I describe in the previous bullet?
  • Can the nodes machine be managed locally (e.g. with hosts or IP’s), without having traffic (unnecessarily) going through the Internet and come back? I’ve come to understand that all traffic has to be HTTPS and that a domain is required for Rancher to work?

Looking at the following chart, this is how my network and hardware is set up, including my “projected” plan sprinkled in, the domain names/IP’s/naming are for conveying how I’d like things to work:

“Server 2”, as of today, is hosting a few web services, each with their own (sub)domain. My firewall is opened on port 80 and 443, pointing the traffic to Server 2.

I would like to make “Server 1” into a Rancher Server, with the Rancher web UI running, but also register Server 2 as a cluster managed by Server 1. I’m just not sure it’s feasible, and which approach would fit.

I have tested the single node docker and it seems to run well enough (Ive been able to access the web UI, and mess with the node), but considering I have another separate server, I’d also like to be able to utilise it as a “provider” for the services I host today.

These “servers” are your run-of-the-mill desktops with ~32GB memory. They’re not XEONs or anything special like that.

I’m open to any suggestions/discussions/guidance here, as it’s all a bit of a jungle for me currently.