how to configure vnc to show only display:0

I am trying to configure the vnc service, to always display what is shown on the monitor (display: 0) I do not want to open new sessions when user switching (via vnc).
I need to configure in SLED 10 SP2, I found a document for SLE 11 ( indicating how to set xf4vnc, but after following the steps not allows access to vnc, although from Xorg.0.log is seen to lift the module.
After looking and looking, I realize that it is set vnc “Yast → Graphics Card and Monitor → VNC” uses the same driver (/ usr/X11R6/lib/modules/ xf4vnc Project)

So if it is no longer possible to have it always show the vnc display: 0 (what is being viewed on the monitor)
You can set it up that way?

Thanks for getting here.


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