How to create snapshot of pvc on local-path pv


I desperately need help to create a snapshot on local file system of a pvc that is on local file system too.
All the examples I find use AWS, Azure or GCP

I just need the steps to achieve this.

Version : k3s version v1.21.5+k3s1 (acad8ef8)

Anyone to help?

Regards Hans

Well since the PVC is represented on the local file system as a folder, just use tar archive for the snapshot, rsyn will work as well.

In case you have a filesystem on you local host that can do snapshots, - you may use this.

It is the advantage of the local-path to have a direct access on to the filesystem that is more or less an export in form of a PVC. So there is not need to have a separate snapshot-tool.

Hope this helps,