How to define the value of a sequence in questions.yaml?

I have this entry in the values.yaml file:

    - host: "some-name.tld"
      secretName: ingress-default-cert

It is a sequence of hosts.
I’d like to fill the value of host using the questions.yaml file?
But how can I define this nested variable?
Which is the right syntax?

I’ve tried this, but doesn’t work:

- variable: ingress.hosts[0].host
  default: "some-name.tld"
  description: "The url of the site"
  type: string
  required: true
  label: "Site url"

Thank you very much


In my case, I added an abstraction layer on top of that. I do not use the hosts array, directly.

For example, you can create an object in values.yaml.

  hostname: some-name.tld

You make it definable in the questions.yaml:

- variable: ingress.hostname
  default: "some-name.tld"
  description: "Ingress hostname to use."
  label: Ingress Hostname
  type: string
  group: "Kubernetes Settings"

Then, you can expand that variable in the Ingress definition.

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
# ...
# ...
  # ...
  # ...
  # ...
    - hosts:
        - {{ .Values.ingress.hostname }}