Switching URLs on ingresses

I am still new to rancher but have been working with it for about 2 months. Learning more and more about about K8s which brings me to this Forum :slight_smile:

Currently I have two versions of the same application running in two different namespaces. In order for both of these version of the app running at the same time, I needed to give them each a unique URL on the ingresses.

I was wondering if it’s possible to switch these two URLs (Request Host) at the same time via some Command, similar to a “atomic operation” - “compare and swap” method?

My Goal is to reduce potential application downtime, as much as possible.
I hope someone can give a idea for a solution. Thanks you in Advance

With just ingresses it is probably a bit tricky for production workload. Take a look at service mesh implementations like istio.

Thanks for the reply. I did look into Istio as you suggested, but ended up doing a manual URL switch on the ingresses, when the relevant servers had a scheduled hour maintenance. I figure it’s a “niche” issue, that i likely wouldn’t see again :slight_smile:

You probably want to check in kubectl and .yaml files for that :slight_smile:

Each ingresses (with namespaces) defined in the same .yaml file, and then “kubectl apply -f file.yaml”