How to designate a key pair for a AWS host

If I’m launching a host with rancher, I can configure an ssh user. And since I’m trying ot launch a rancherOS ec2, I’m designating “rancher” as the ssh user

But I do not see anywhere that I can designated a Key Pair name.

If creating an EC2 from the AWS console, there’s a step where I can choose an existing Key Pair to use with my new EC2, or generate a new Key Pair.

I haven’t seen that rancher has created a new key pair (much less how I could get my hands on it! )

I’ve been trying (and failing) to spin up a host at AWS with Rancher, so maybe this would become obvious if I had made it all the way through the process? Apologies if I’m jumping the gun.

But can anyone tall me how you end up getting ssh access to a AWS EC2 host you spin up with rancher?

thanks, Tommy

Docker Machine doesn’t support passing in your own key pair.

Thanks Denise! perfect. :wink: