Rancher node create

guys, i have a problem when i create my node for my cluster, he create a ssh-key for every node created.

Is it possible to configure a unique ssh-key-pair to set configuration files, then all my nodes got use this? I’m using amazon ec2 to provide my node.

No; not all drivers have that option (though EC2 does), each driver implements referencing a particular key a different way, and it would require giving Rancher the corresponding private key too, which is then a huge liability because people tend to use one key for everything and any admin of rancher can get it back out.

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alright, have another method of do this? i do not want to have various keys on my account, i can do with aws policy or similar?

You can use the EC2 driver and let it create a key per node, or you can use custom and spin up your own nodes.