How to fix nameserver setting permanently


I need to refer the external DNS server.
Then I checked “/var/run/netconfig/resolv.conf”, and nameserver is “”.

I changed the name server address to the external DNS server’s one.
I can resolve the hostname by the external DNS server.

But after rebooting, the setting went to back the before value(
Could you tell me How to fix nameserver setting permanently?

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Did you run the command as indicated in the file netconfig update -f? Or if using wicked, then set via YaST Network Settings in the Hostname/DNS tab.

Thank you for advice.
The problem is solved.

The wicked.service is used.

I set the DNS server by yast(following command).
yast dns edit nameserver1=

After rebooting, I confirmed that the DNS server is reflected to /etc/resolv.conf.

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